Fantastic Resource for Mouldings

Anyone who lives in an older house can probably relate that over the years, damage happens. It doesn’t matter how well homeowners maintain their property, everything from nicks and dings to major loss caused by kitchen and bathroom renovations can occur.

I’ve been struggling with the need to find a historically accurate casing (moulding) for nearly a year now. I started at Home Depot and Lowes with no luck. I then went to Smoot Lumber in Alexandria — which had great options if I lived on Capitol Hill, but I don’t.

Then I started searching online. I started to find a few things that were close, but I didn’t want to drive to Ohio or pay for a minimum order of $500.  Then, by trying a different search strategy, I found the Web site for Heister House Millworks … which excited me more than I can say.

The casing illustrated here is the same profile as the casings in my 1916 house. It comes in poplar which stains and paints up great. Its $2 a foot and they will ship small quantities for the cost of shipping via UPS. Lastly, when I spoke to a representative I was told that I could order with confidence that I’d be able to get the same moulding ten years from now that I order today.

While I’m still waiting for the total quote on the quantity I need, I’m definitely going to move ahead with this find.


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6 Comments on “Fantastic Resource for Mouldings”

  1. IMGoph Says:

    when you say great options for living on capitol hill, are you talking about price? i’m thinking about picture rail for my house in trinidad. i don’t know what would be historically accurate (or even if it would be). who/where would be the best place to ask that question?

  2. Kent Says:

    My advice to you is try and find a house similar to the one you are living in that is mostly original. Or, you can try to identify your builder and what else they built during the priod of your house to get a clue that way.

    I find Smoot Lumber in Alexandria has good options for capitol hill. For ca 1916 Park View … they didn’t cut it.

    Sometimes the best you can do is an educated guess.

  3. Kent Says:

    Oh, and to answer price. I needed 50 feet of casings at $2 a foot and was charged $21 to have it shipped to my door via UPS. It took a couple of weeks to pull the wood and weight it for the shipping cost, but after they took my payment information it actually arrived the next day (which I’m sure was luck).

  4. saf Says:

    Have you talked to the folks at Galliher and Huguely?

    • Kent Says:

      Nope, but I’m happy to check them out. There’s never enough resources when restoring a house. Thanks!!!

      • saf Says:

        I love them – they deliver drywall! They have house parts!

        Plus, they’re very close.

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