Removing the Snow No Small Task

Snow removal begins on Rock Creek Church Rd

Yesterday, residents in northern Park View were able to see the city tackle the task or clearing the streets or more than a week’s worth of snow. Beginning in the morning, and lasting well into the evening, Rock Creek Church, Quebec, Princeton, and others, were cleared of snow.

… and where did all that snow go? A lot of it was dumped in Reservation 321-A. As you can see from the following images, its a lot of snow!!!

As of this morning, snow removal equipment returned for another day of clearing the roads.

Northwest corner of Reservation 321-A (Rock Creek Church Rd & Park Place)

Reservation 321-A from the south (intersection of Park Place & Park Place)

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One Comment on “Removing the Snow No Small Task”

  1. Jessica Says:

    On Newton last night, a bobcat came through and proceeded to shove snow from the street onto everyone’s shoveled sidewalks. I understand that the streets need to be cleared, but isn’t there a better way? Also, the really loud beeping in the middle of the night when it backed up did not improve my opinion of what was transpiring…

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