Are Neighborhood Discriptions on Wikipedia of Value?

Among the things I did over the last week and a half to avoid cabin fever was update and expand the Park View entry in Wikipedia. To try to get a good feel on what a D.C. neighborhood page should look like I reviewed many of the pages for neighborhoods in the city, and found that many could use additional information. Which, to me, begs the question: “Are neighborhood descriptions on Wikipedia of value?”  Have you found them useful in the past, found them lacking, or actually taken the time to add information to them?

One thing I discovered in putting the page together was the population of the neighborhood over time ( see graph below). While the population has been in decline since the 1950 census, I’m willing to bet that the 2010 census numbers will show the first increase in 60 years.

(Click on image for larger, clearer version. Sources:  “DC Tract Profile, Tract 32”. NeighborhoodInfo DC. Retrieved 2010-02-12;  “Census of Population and Housing”. U.S. Census Bureau. Retrieved 2010-02-12.)

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2 Comments on “Are Neighborhood Discriptions on Wikipedia of Value?”

  1. IMGoph Says:

    many of the neighborhood entries on wikipedia are pretty worthless, so bravo on you for doing what you can to make one a good source of information!

  2. Chris in Eckington Says:

    Yes, I think they are useful, especially to people not familiar with the city. Of course some are better than others, but due to conscientious people like yourself who update them.

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