Trash Collection but No Recycling this Week.

I’ve been asked this question by a few people so far, so I thought I’d share this now that I know.

For the week of February 15th, 2010, the trash/recycling/parking enforcement according to an Alert DC email is as follows: Trash to be collected from the front; recycling to be suspended, and parking enforcement to be affected.

Trash Collections: Trash will not be collected Presidents Day, Monday, February 15. Collections in once-a-week collection neighborhoods will “slide” to the next day. For example, Monday trash collections will be made Tuesday, Tuesday collections will be made Wednesday, and so on. In neighborhoods with twice-weekly trash collections, Monday and Thursday collections will be made Tuesday and Friday, and Tuesday and Friday collections will be made Wednesday and Saturday. The alleys remain impassable because about three feet of snow fell between Friday, February 5, and Wednesday, February 10, so DPW asks residents to put their trash in dark plastic bags and place them at the curb no earlier than 6:30 pm the night before collection and removed from public space by 8 pm on the day(s) of collection. Bleach may be added to the bags to repel rodents.
Recycling Collections: Recycling collections will be suspended this week and residents are asked to hold onto their recyclables until the following week.
Bulk Collections: Bulk collections scheduled for Tuesday, February 16, through Friday, February 19, will be rescheduled. DPW bulk collection drivers continue on snow duty.

Ft. Totten: Ft. Totten Transfer Station, located at 4900 John F. McCormack Road, NE, will reopen to the public starting Saturday, February 13, to bring trash and bulk items. No recycling items will be accepted, nor will DPW provide Household Hazardous Waste/E-cycling/Document Shredding services Saturday, February 13. Ft. Totten is closed to the public on Presidents Day. It’s normal operating hours are 1 pm to 5 pm weekdays and 8 am to 3 pm Saturdays, except holidays.

Parking Enforcement: A snow emergency went into effect Monday, February 15, to allow the DC Snow Team to clear snow emergency routes curb-to-curb. Vehicles parked on snow emergency routes are subject to a $250 ticket and towing. Because of the holiday, DPW has suspended enforcement of parking meters, residential parking, and rush hour lane restrictions for Presidents Day. Enforcement resumes Tuesday, February 16. It also will suspend towing of abandoned vehicles.

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