Park View in Fiction: You’ll Sense You Were There

Here’s something on the lighter side for the middle of the week. A neighbor of mine brought this book to my attention, and its a good thing he did since I generally don’t gravitate to reading this genre.

D.C. Noir is a book of short crime stories, each based in a particular part of the city. It was originally published in 2006, but don’t let that cloud your impression of the content. Each story is by a different author, in a different part of town, and captures a particular era — from just after World War II to just after 9/11.

The lead story takes place in our own Park View. With the exception that Park Place is referred to as “Park Lane” three of the four times its mentioned (and that Park View is located too far south on the map in the front matter), it is generally well written. I found it easy to imagine all the places along Georgia Avenue, on Quebec Place, or even in the alleys where the action takes place.

Other neighborhoods represented in the book are Benning Heights, Chinatown, Shepherd Park, Hill East, Georgetown, Petworth, Chevy Chase, Congress Heights, Edgewood, Mt. Pleasant, Deanwood, Capitol Hill, Thomas Circle, Cardozo, and K Street.

Even if fictional crime is not your thing, you may find this an enjoyable read due to the familiarity with the neighborhood. You can read the first few pages here>>

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5 Comments on “Park View in Fiction: You’ll Sense You Were There”

  1. Megan Says:

    George Pelacanos was born in DC and still lives here. Just about all of his books have characters who live in or around Park View/Georgia Ave. They are great reads and not only because of all the places you will recognize.

  2. Kent Says:

    Thanks Megan! I’ll have to dig into more of them. I’m almost done with this book, and in reading the authors’ biographies in the back, most (if not all) of them do have a DC connection.

  3. Angry Parakeet Says:

    I attended a book signing at Busboys and Poets for this book – G.Pelecanos, James Grady and Roach Brown were there. I got the chance to speak with them and said to Mr. P: “I’m tired of having everyone call my neighborhood ‘Gritty’!” He replied, “I am tired of everyone calling my WRITING ‘gritty’!”

  4. […] a year ago, I posted about the book D.C. Noir (2006), a book of short crime stories where each one is based in a particular Washington […]

  5. […] Informant” was the title of a short story by Pelecanos that was published in the 2006 book D.C. Noir, and takes place in the Park View neighborhood. I recall that Park Place features […]

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