Status of Park View Postal Service Still in Limbo

The Washington Post reported on Friday that 4 post offices that were formerly being considered for closure are no longer on the list. Unfortunately, neither the Petworth nor the Columbia Heights Finance (Park View) post offices have been saved at this time. The list of current post offices being considered for closure is below.
I would be the last person to argue that either the Columbia Heights Finance or Petworth offices are models of good service … but I will argue that there needs to be an area post office.

According to the Post article, the eight post offices being examined for closure are all “within reasonable distance of other post offices or postal branches.” I can almost go along with this if either Petworth or Columbia Heights Finance are closed … BUT NOT BOTH.

In using the post office locator on the USPS Web site, the alternatives identified should the 3321 Georgia Avenue station be closed are below:

No. 1 is 3321 Georgia Ave (being considered for closing) and No. 3 is Petworth (being considered for closing) … so should both of them be closed, the nearest postal facility would be No. 2 (the one at Howard University) which is .6 miles to the south. While this doesn’t sound so bad, it is hardly an easy post office to get to.

In wrapping Petworth into the mix, you get the following locations:

No. 1 is Petworth (being considered for closing), and No. 4 is — of all things — the Soldiers’ Home. Outside of Lincoln’s Cottage, residents are not allowed on the grounds, so it hardly seems like an alternative. The closest post office would then be No. 2 (Brightwood), which is a mile away.

I’m sure that low usage and proximity to Howard University and the Soldiers’ Home locations are impacting the data that make Georgia Avenue and Petworth appear to be attractive locations to close … but to those that have used these stations it isn’t that our neighborhoods don’t need a post offices, but rather, we need ones that actually have a focus on customer service and are efficiently run.

The Georgia Avenue location doesn’t need to be closed … it needs an overhaul. In deciding which post offices to close, it would benefit those tasked with making this decision to actually visit the locations in question and determine what is going wrong with them. For some, the answer might be the location. For others, like 3361 Georgia Avenue, the location might be the only thing that is currently right with that post office.

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2 Comments on “Status of Park View Postal Service Still in Limbo”

  1. snow bunny Says:

    There is a post office at Howard University? That might be very helpful. I have never heard of it before.

    Given the outrageously slow, rude, and angry service at both Columbia Heights (Georgia Avenue) and Petworth, I have been considering making the Cleveland Park branch my #1 post office. It’s only a bus ride away.

  2. […] closing of District post offices.  This has been a lingering issue that was under review before in November 2009. At that time both the Petworth (4211 Ninth Street, NW) and Columbia Heights Finance (3321 Georgia […]

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