Notes from the ANC 1A Meeting (11/11/09)

There were several items at last night’s ANC 1A meeting that are of particular interest to Park View.

Chief among them was a presentation by the Warrington Group, developer for Park Morton. A key item that came out of the presentation was that the developers have, in fact, secured the former Central Union Mission property at the southwest corner of Newton and Georgia Ave.

The property on Newton would be the first of four phases in the eventual replacement of Park Morton. It will also require a zoning review for the height of the proposed building, as the height limit is currently for a 50 foot building and the developers are currently interested in constructing an 8 story, 65 foot high structure. The building will also contain about 3,000 sq/ft of commercial space.

Park Morton currently has 174 public housing units. The new development estimates it will have about 510-520 housing units, with 174 dedicated for public housing and the rest for work force and market rate housing allocated on the third/third/third split.

The estimated start date for phase one is currently set for late 2010. The Newton site, once begun, will take about 14 months to complete. There was little to no information on what the City’s commitment to the redevelopment is at this time. Once that commitment is worked out, the developers hope the City will commit in the neighborhood of $30-$40 million.

Other items at the meeting included:

  • Cecilia Jones, President of the Northwest Columbia Heights Community Association,  spoke about the Community Criminal Justice Accountability Initiative (CCJAI) and the importance of community impact statements in sentencing repeat offenders in our neighborhoods;
  • The public hearings on Pepco’s Rate Increase Bid was brought up, and citizens were encouraged to attend the hearings and speak to hardships the rate increase would cause;
  • ANC 1A voted unanimously to send a letter of opposition to the current CapitalSpace Draft Plan that doesn’t identify any significant green space in Columbia Heights or Park View, doesn’t include access from 14th Street to Rock Creek Park, and doesn’t identify the AFRH as a potential of publicly accessible green space; and,
  • The voluntary agreement with the Rock Creek Market was unanimously approved by the commissioners. It includes language addressing the Market’s desire to sell alcohol — but not singles — and outlines their responsibility should they get a deli license, which they are pursuing.
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7 Comments on “Notes from the ANC 1A Meeting (11/11/09)”

  1. Shawn Says:

    Will we be able to see those Park Morton renderings again online anywhere?

  2. Kent Says:

    I’m hopeful they’ll be made public once the dust settles. With the inclusion of the Newton property, it looks like the plans have changed a little bit. If I’m able to get a set of the drawings, I’ll share them.

  3. IMGoph Says:

    careful, if the PoP commenters get wind that ANC 1A had anything but fawning comments about the AFRH, and how it should be left alone by the greedy neighborhood folks, they’ll flood this blog with invective! 🙂

  4. Cliff Says:

    The thing that most of the PoP commenter’s don’t acknowledge is that the northwest corner of the AFRH is currently part of the parks and greenspace inventory for our city, even if we cannot access it. Being against a massive zoning change from recreational use to retail/residential is not the same thing as being against letting the AFRH make money off the land. So given the current zoning and use how can the AFRH make money off of it? They would need to come up with creative recreational uses for the land – such as the yearly bike race, or leasing it to NPS or the District govt. Somehow, the neighborhood gets twisted into being the bad guys for being against a huge zoning change. Luckily, development on the northwest corner is off the table because it was not approved by NCPC. But, if AFRH is still seeking ways to make money off the land then leasing it to the city or NPS as park space is a great way to do it without requiring big changes to the legal use and zoning of the land.

  5. Cliff Says:

    City Paper did the following article on CapitalSpaces and Park View:

    It does have on factual error, but I added a correction in the comments.

  6. Kent Says:

    Thanks Cliff. I agree that most of the PoP commenters that were against the idea of AFRH land becoming a park didn’t fully understand the issue or why the neighborhoods would even be concerned with it. It certainly isn’t a land grab. But I think as neighbors we do have a right to care about how land next to us is used, and we certainly have a right to voice our opinions if land abutting our neighborhood is being looked at to be repurposed. Also, thanks for the City Paper link.

  7. […] described by the developers – Landex Corp. – at the November 2010 ANC 1A meeting, the development located on the southwest corner of Georgia Avenue and Newton Place is to be the […]

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