Rock Creek Market Coming Together

ABRA public hearing noticeTo keep things current with events over at the Rock Creek Market (corner of Warder and Rock Creek Church Road), I’ve noticed they have an ATM inside now. Also, they finally have a notice of public hearing announcement posted from ABRA, which is a good sign. The ABRA notice states that it is for a grocery store that can sell beer and wine. The hearing will be on December 21, 2009.

They are still attempting to get a license to sell coffee, but there is no new news on that front yet. From the conversation I had with Meron it sounds like things are going well there.

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4 Comments on “Rock Creek Market Coming Together”

  1. Fritz Says:

    You don’t seriously need a special additional license to sell coffee… do you??

    man, this town.

  2. Kent Says:

    Actually, the license to sell coffee is part of the deli license … so it isn’t covered by the other licenses the Market has. It does seem counterintuitive.

  3. John Says:

    Great news — thanks for checking Kent!

  4. […] market obtained its deli license and will now carry coffee.  This is a process that they started last October and is now finally approved. They expect to start selling it either Saturday or Sunday of this […]

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