Heritage Trails: Should Every Neighborhood Have One?

Columbia Heights Heritage TrailWith the Columbia Heights Heritage Trail opening tomorrow, and the Georgia Avenue/Pleasant Plains Heritage Trail in the works, it leads me to ask this question: Are Heritage Trails assets every DC neighborhood should strive to have?

From a conversation I had with Cultural Tourism DC, it would be at least two years before a new trail could be undertaken. Additionally, it was suggested that a good trail could be a northern Park View/southern Petworth loop that starts and stops at the Georgia Ave/Petworth Metro.

I know Park View and Petworth both have enough history to support separate trails of their own, so would it be better to have one trail for both, a separate trail for each, or no trail at all?

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One Comment on “Heritage Trails: Should Every Neighborhood Have One?”

  1. […] (GA/PP) Heritage Trail scheduled to come on-line in October 2011, I thought it was a good time to revisit the idea of a similar trail for Park View. To that end, I’ve created one version of how such […]

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