Rock Creek Church Rd. Neighbors Focus on Speed

The neighbors along Rock Creek Church Road have been working diligently with MPD, DDOT, and elected officials over the last several months to address the excessive speed on Rock Creek Church Road. The City, and in particular MPD, has been very supportive and have been monitoring the traffic and speed conditions by various methods.

To further the goal of getting measures in place to reduce speed on RCCR, Ward 4 resident Rob Mandle, along with neighbors Mehl Penrose & Eddie Suarez, has put together a petition which outlines what actions the community would like to see put in place. Upon reviewing the proposal, they all seem very reasonable and have potential for making a huge impact with minimal cost to the City.

The chief traffic calming measures the petition lists are:

  • Install one stop sign on the northeastern approach towards Illinois Avenue NW on Rock Creek Church Road NW
  • Install one stop sign on the southwestern approach towards Illinois Avenue NW on Rock Creek Church Road NW
  • Convert the intersection of Quincy Street and Park Place/5th Street NW to an all-way stop
  • Alter the signal timing at Park Place/5th Street and Rock Creek Church Road NW to be an all-way stop

The deadline to sign the petition is Tuesday, October 27, at 6 pm. To sign a petition, there is a copy at Rob’s house (303 Rock Creek Church Road NW), or, you can print of a copy of the petition and get it to Rob by the deadline. If you have questions, you can also email Rob Mandle.

To read the entire petition or get more information, click on the image below (petition and image supplied by Rob Mandle).
 RCCR Speeding Issue


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2 Comments on “Rock Creek Church Rd. Neighbors Focus on Speed”

  1. DCDave05 Says:

    I’m a resident at the intersection of Rock Creek Church Road and Park Place. I support the new stop signs, but I am not sold on switching the existing traffic signal at 5th Street/Park Place and Rock Creek Church Road to all stop (i.e., flashing red). Has the potential for excessive vehicle delays and back-ups at the intersection been evaluated, particularly during rush-hour periods? Have the city’s traffic engineers offered an opinion on this part of the proposal, or is it a try and see what happens kind of thing?

  2. RobMandle Says:

    DCDave05: Good comment! I am sure DDOT will comment on whether that is the case. One thing to make note of is the presence of numerous stop signs north of Rock Creek Church along Park. In other words, I do not foresee that adding these two additional stops at Quincy and then at RCCR would create additional traffic backups. This may even end up creating less of a backup as cars would no longer be required to wait at Qunicy and Park at the red light while the RCCR/Park cycle is red for north/south traffic.

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