Some Dark Park View History Worth Knowing

While digging into Park View’s history, I stumbled upon the article Post-Mortem, from the February 27, 1998, Washington City Paper. While it’s main focus is a dark and painful moment in our neighborhood’s history when a serial killer preyed on Park View’s young women, it has a secondary focus on the general neighborhood history and the story of drugs taking hold in the area.

I found it to be something that the newer residents of the area should be aware of, and it helped me understand some of the dynamics that are in play even today.

Perhaps one of the things I took away from the article is just how much things have changed since 1998. The neighborhood still has problems with drugs and crime to be sure, and there is certainly still room for improvement. But, overall, things have improved vastly over where they were eleven years ago.

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2 Comments on “Some Dark Park View History Worth Knowing”

  1. Cliff Says:

    That was a great article. Things have definitely improved, but you can still get a sense of a lot of what that article portrays even today.

  2. SM Says:

    Wow, what an interesting article and how the neighborhood has changed…

    I also only recently discovered this blog and want to say keep up the good work! Lots of great posts here – thanks.

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