“No Littering, No Loitering” Signs Recent Addition to 600 Block of Quebec Place

Signs on Quebec PlaceWithin the last two weeks — no one I’ve talked to is exactly sure when — “No Loitering, No Littering” signs were installed the length of the 600 block of Quebec Place. This is the same area where the June 22nd homicide occurred.

After contacting both MPD and DDOT, these signs seem to be in response to that shooting. I wasn’t able to speak with anyone directly related to this particular request to install these signs, but was told that any resident can request signs from DDOT at any time if they feel their street has a loitering problem.

As far as what the signs mean, the most significant impact is that it gives people on the block clear warning that no loitering is allowed. This way, when MPD is notified by a resident that a loud or disruptive gathering is occurring they have more options at their disposal to disperse a crowd.

If anyone has more information connected to these signs, please share.

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3 Comments on ““No Littering, No Loitering” Signs Recent Addition to 600 Block of Quebec Place”

  1. RCChRD Res Says:

    I thought DC didn’t have loitering laws. Anyway, this is great. I wish we could get one for the 700 block of Rock Creek CHurch Road, where pedestrians are often challenged to cross the street because patrons and workers of a certain restaurant congregate in arge numbers outside

  2. Kent Says:

    Truth be told, I’m still waiting for MPD to get back to me explaining just what kind of teeth these signs have, but I do think its a great start.

  3. Newb Says:

    On a tangent, but does anyone know why there are no street parking restrictions on certain streets? I know on the 600 block of Otis Pl there are no signs whatsoever. Anyone have any insight on the lack of signs (restrictions) and also on that block in particular?

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