Rock Creek Market Update

Rock Creek MarketWhile it doesn’t look like Rock Creek Market will be opening in mid-August as they’d hoped, things are still moving along. I’ve learned that they have received a basic grocery license. I also noticed late last week that security measures have been added in response to the recent vandalism. I also really like the new street numbers that have been added over the door.
Rock Creek Market
Rock Creek Market

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2 Comments on “Rock Creek Market Update”

  1. IMGoph Says:

    it’s looking nice. check out these photos of a new corner store down near the new ballpark. it kind of reminds me of windows here in bloomingdale. i really wish every neighborhood could have stores like these.

  2. Kent Says:

    I agree. I think the corner store is an old idea that is really starting to make a lot of sense again. I’m very encouraged to see this one and Gee’s gearing to reopen again. Currently, of the 4 corner stores on Warder Street, only the Lamont Market is open.

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