The Park View

Park View on IrvingIronically, I walked down to Irving Street the other day for a couple of reasons, one being The Park View building. Living in Park View on the northern border, I’ve had many, many conversations with neighbors on just what, exactly, the borders of Park View are.

I know that historically, the southern border is considered Gresham Street, but I’m comfortable with the southern border being Harvard Street. Either way, Irving Street is within the Park View neighborhood, and near Pleasant Plains.

What I wasn’t expecting, or should I say, completely missed the restoration of The Park View, a classic building built in 1906. It is now on the market offering 24 one- and two-bedroom condos by Thoron Development. If you are interested in this building from a real estate perspective, you can view some interior shots a the Wydler Brothers Web site here>>
Park View on Irving

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