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Fireworks Facts and Safety Tips

June 30, 2011

One of many city trash cans filled to the brim after last year's 4th of July

MPD reminds residents that before they purchase an expensive haul of fireworks, make sure that you can legally ignite and use them in the District. In general, any firework that explodes is illegal in the city. Any person found using or in the possession of illegal fireworks in D.C. could face fines and penalties of up to $2,000 and/or arrest for further prosecution.

The types of fireworks that cause the most injuries include firecrackers, sparklers, and rockets. Sparklers were associated with over half of the estimated injuries among children under 5 years. Children 14 years and younger sustain about 45% of firework related injuries each year.
Characteristics of Illegal Fireworks

An illegal firework as defined in Article 27 of the D.C.
Official Code may have any of the following traits:

  1. Any firework that moves;
  2. Any firework that explodes;
  3. Any firework that emits a spark or flame greater than 12 feet;
  4. Any firework that has a side-mounted fuse or a fuse inserted at any point along the length of the product’s surface;
  5. Any firework that contains mercury (Hg), arsenic (Ar), magnesium (Mg), phosphorus (Ph), or any other highly-oxidizing agent;
  6. Any firework that the Fire Marshal considers to be dangerous to the safety of any person or property;

For more information visit the MPD website or click on the image below.


Lead Abatement in Progress at 3628 Warder Street

December 22, 2009

I found it interesting to see that 3628 Warder Street is in the process of lead abatement. While I know nothing about this particular project, I understand that lead abatement is a huge task once undertaken and involves meticulous cleanup.

Even though this is the first project I’ve seen in the area undergoing this process, most of these older homes have lead in them to some extent.

To find out more about lead safety, you can visit the Lead Safe DC page.


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