Launch Event for Latest Installment of Georgia Avenue Window Walk is This Sunday

Posted November 7, 2014 by Kent
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GAWW_id_8.29.11On Sunday, November 9th, at 2 p.m. the third Georgia Avenue Window Walk will have a launch celebration and art walk to showcase the latest additions of public art on Georgia Avenue. The event will start at the Pleasant Plains Workshop at 2 p.m., and the walk itself will begin at 3 p.m. The walk will showcase works displayed at five businesses (from the south to the north): Mama Chuy (2610 Georgia Ave), Pilates studio From the Core Studios (3111 Georgia Ave.), Morgan’s Seafood (3200 Georgia Ave.) Yoga Heights (3506 Georgia Ave.), and EatsPlace (3607 Georgia Ave.). A reception will be held at EatsPlace following the walk.

The Georgia Avenue Window Walk is a temporary public art project co-presented by Pleasant Plains Workshop and the Georgia Ave Community Development Task Force that engages residents and visitors to the community by placing art installations in storefront spaces along the lower Georgia Avenue Corridor.

You may also want to read Elevation DC’s article on the Window Walk as well, available here.

IMG_7505[1](The mural by artist Elizabeth Graeber at EatsPlace, one of five public art works that will be featured on Sunday’s walk)

BZA Grants Parking Variance for 3619 Georgia Project

Posted November 6, 2014 by Kent
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Princeton Place elevation from BZA application for 3619 Georgia Avenue.

Princeton Place elevation from BZA application for 3619 Georgia Avenue.

Yesterday, at their November 5, 2014, hearing the Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA) approved Warrenton Group’s request for a parking variance related to the planned project at 3619 Georgia Avenue. While a scheduling conflict prevented a representative from ANC 1A from attending the hearing personally, the Commission was able to review the project at their October 8th meeting, and the Commission did properly file their resolution opposing the variance request in a timely manner. The Commission’s concerns were primarily related to parking mitigation concerns in the immediate area.

Marcus Hedrick, president of the Park View United Neighborhood Commission which had voted unanimously to oppose the parking variance request at their October 1st meeting, was in attendance at the hearing and expertly presented the community’s concerns in his testimony before the BZA. The ANC and UNC concerns were essentially identical.

The Office of Planning filed their report with the BZA on October 29th, well after both the ANC and Park View UNC’s consideration of the issue, and supported the parking variance due to Warrenton Group’s proposal to develop a “Transportation Demand Management” (TDM) program and Warrenton’s proposed initiatives to mitigation the parking demands on the immediate neighborhood.

The support of the parking variance from the Office of Planning, along with the BZA’s approval of similar variance requests recently, was a strong indication that the request for 3619 Georgia would ultimately be approved. However, the concerns that both the ANC and UNC raised with the BZA regarding the variance’s impact on the community were not in vain and did lead to some strengthening of the terms leading to the BZA approval.

While a final version of the TDM measures is not yet available, the changes included requiring that the developer provide both bike-share and car-share to residents (rather than one or the other), that the property not participate in the city’s RPP parking program, that the parking restrictions be incorporated into the building’s covenant, that each resident get a $50 SmarTrip card to encourage Metro ridership (rather than $10), and that the measures be tied to the living units rather than building residents.

The hearing, for those interested in watching it, is available at the link below.

3619 bza hearing(Click for video of BZA hearing)

Another Accident at Intersection of Princeton and Warder

Posted November 5, 2014 by Kent
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Accident at Princeton and Warder, November 4, 2014.

Accident at Princeton and Warder, November 4, 2014.

Yesterday, just before 8:00 a.m., there was yet another accident at the intersection of Princeton Place and Warder Street, NW. Those familiar with the intersection will know that northbound traffic on Warder Street does not have a stop sign whereas both east and westbound traffic on Princeton Place does. Every intersection on Warder south of Princeton is either an all-way stop or has a stop light, which I believe encourages drivers to speed up between Otis and Rock Creek Church Road (the next all-way stop).

In witnessing the accident yesterday, which is one of several to have occurred at this location over the past few months, it appeared that the eastbound vehicle either didn’t stop or did a rolling stop — perhaps under the assumption that Warder Street traffic has a stop sign. The accident involved two vehicles and one adult from the vehicle that was struck was taken away in an ambulance.

I’ve requested that DDOT review the safety and accident history of this intersection and consider making it an all-way stop already, but will follow up with them again after this recent event.

2014-2015 Leaf Collection Season Underway

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2014 leaf collection schedule

Residential street sweeping ended for the season on October 31st, and now the Department of Public Works is transitioning into fall leaf collection mode.  The 2014-2015 leaf collection season began on Monday, November 3rd, but don’t panic. As will past years, leaf collection begins in the area west of 16th Street in Ward 1, and there are two opportunities to get the leaves out for collection.

According to DPW, this year, leaf collection runs from November 3, 2014 through January 10, 2015. Residents should note that the same crews that collect leaves also remove snow, so leaf collection may be interrupted for snow removal duties. Leaves will be removed from neighborhood treeboxes at least twice, following the schedule that can be found on the image at the right and at the Find the Leaf Collection Schedule for Your Neighborhood available on the DPW Website. DPW asks residents to place their leaves in the treebox space the Sunday before each collection cycle.

Loose leaves raked into the treeboxes will be composted.  Bagged leaves placed in the treebox space or where trash and recycling are collected will not be composted.

During the last two weeks of leaf collection season (December 28-January 10), DPW will collect holiday trees and other greenery from residents whose trash is collected by DPW.  Trees and greenery should be placed where the resident’s trash is collected. Please remove all ornaments and lights and do not put the tree(s) and greenery in a bag.

The 2014-2015 leaf collection brochure is also available online if you would like to see the collection schedule for the entire city.

New Mural at EatsPlace — 3607 Georgia Avenue

Posted November 3, 2014 by Kent
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I like the new mural at EatsPlace, the new neighborhood “pop-uppery” in Park View. You might want to check it out next time you’re on Georgia Avenue.


Find out Where the New Trees will be Planted this 2014/2015 Season

Posted November 3, 2014 by Kent
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Do you like trees (and dislike empty tree boxes)? Then you may want to check out the 2014/2015 scheduled street tree planting locations on the map below.  While I previously included this map as part of the Summary of DDOT’s Ward 1 meeting last week, I know many in the neighborhood care about street trees and wanted to make sure they new about this years tree planting locations.

2015 Tree planting map(Click on image for citywide interactive map)

The tree planting map is interactive and identifies 6,400 proposed planting locations throughout the city as well as the 4,200 trees planted last year (indicated on the map as orange points). Clicking any of the planting locations will call-out the species name and the street address.

Happy Halloween Everyone

Posted October 31, 2014 by Kent
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Here are a few more photos from around the area showing some Halloween spirit. Have a good night tonight everyone.





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