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Another Neighborhood Alley Getting Rebuilt

September 8, 2014
Map showing location of alley being renovated.

Map showing location of alley being renovated.

The alley between the 3600 block of Georgia and the 3600 block of New Hampshire is in the process of being rebuilt (also between Otis Place and Princeton Place). I’ve provided a map to identify the area in question better.

This is the alley behind Looking Glass Lounge and DC Reynolds. I’d brought it to the attention of DDOT some time ago as it was in serious need of repair. The alley is fairly long and quirky, and is also shared by the residents on New Hampshire, so its great that this one is being added to the list of alleys renovated in the past several years.

What I’m particularly pleased by is that it appears that DDOT is replacing the old brick alley with a new brick alley.

The photos below should give an idea of the work being done.

IMG_7235(Looking down the alley from Princeton Place)

IMG_7236(Alley as seen from Otis Place)

IMG_7312[1](Construction detail showing how the brick layer sits on an under-layer of concrete)

Do You Live on a Street With Few Trees and Have Room for One in Your Yard? Then Let’s Talk

August 12, 2014

tree plantingAs anyone who has walked around the neighborhood will have noticed, we have several blocks in Park View that just don’t have street trees. Over the last few years, I’ve done a good job of identifying dead trees, reporting empty tree boxes, and have requested over 70 new street trees to tree up our neighborhood streets. Still, some blocks, like the 400 blocks of Manor or Newton, much of Warder Street, or the 700 block of Newton, just don’t have public street tree space available.

But this doesn’t mean that these tree-challenged blocks are hopeless. In walking around these blocks, I’ve noticed that often times there is enough private property available that could support a new tree IF the homeowner is interested. I’ve also learned that both funding and labor is available to assist a homeowner with planting that tree.

If you’ve ever considered planting a tree on your property and have room for one or more trees, now is a great time to act.

As of now, there is still space in Casey Trees’ schedule for site visits/meetings this fall and tree planting services this coming spring (2015) for trees through the RiverSmart Homes Shade Tree Program.

The RiverSmart Homes Shade Tree Program is designed to reduce stormwater runoff and erosion on residential property in D.C. Through this program, homeowners can have shade trees planted on their property by Casey Trees for $50 per tree (The $50 per tree co-pay covers the home consultation, tree and planting. Payment for each tree must be received prior to scheduling the tree planting date).

There is no limit to the number of trees that can be planted on each property, provided space allows.

The RiverSmart Homes Shade Tree program is funded by the District Department of the Environment (DDOE).

If you are interested in participating in this program for a tree this fall or next spring, check out the Casey Trees Web page that explains the process and provide the application form.

If you are interested in helping to bring trees to your block, but don’t have room for a tree yourself, contact me directly at to let me know. I’ve very interested in partnering with neighbors this year to help bring more trees to our hot, tree-challenged blocks.


Ward 1 Church and Community Summit Tonight at 7 p.m.

June 10, 2014

There is a community summit tonight for those interested in parking in Ward 1 among other things. In attending a pre-summit discussion, many local pastors will be in attendance and I know that church parking, in particular, tends to be a topic of much discussion. I don’t have much information beyond the flyer below … but it sounds like it could be an interesting event.

Ward 1 Church and Community Summit Flyer

New Zipcar Station on Otis & Georgia

April 11, 2014

I noticed the other day that the two metered spaces on the south side of Otis Place, just east of Georgia Avenue, have been converted to zipcar spaces. I didn’t see any Zipcars there yet, but hope to see them soon. Readers may recall that Zipcar was looking for a place to add two new stations to the area back in February 2013. This was the result.

Zipcar Station Otis

DC USA Church Parking Pilot Program to Begin This Month

April 4, 2014
DC USA parking entrance on Park Road.

DC USA parking entrance on Park Road.

At long last, church goers in the Columbia Heights area may finally get to park in the garage at DC USA for a reduced rate. A pilot program to do just this was presented before ANC 1A back in January 2013. Since then, there had been no updates. But, after doggedly requesting updates on this pilot I was finally informed that the parking pilot would begin in April 2014, and perhaps be in place by April 6th.

The pilot program, with the approval of the District’s parking committee, is being coordinated with four local churches where reduced rate parking will be provided to their parishioners on Sundays. On Sundays between 7:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. participants in the Sunday Parking program will be able to park for up to four hours at a rate of $3.00.

Initially, the District was approached with a request for reduced rate parking by St. Stephen and the Incarnation Episcopal Church (1525 Newton St, NW), Shrine of the Sacred Heart (3211 Sacred Heart Way, NW), All Souls Church (1500 Harvard St.), and Kelsey Temple Church of God (1435 Park Rd.). Sacred Heart will facilitate the program on behalf of all the Faith-based institutions.

Opening up the DC USA garage for church parking on Sunday will greatly assist in balancing the parking needs between residents and the Columbia Heights Faith-based community.

For Those Who Didn’t Get Their Visitor Parking Pass This Year

March 26, 2014
If you didn't get a new Visitor Parking Pass this year, you can request one online from DDOT.

If you didn’t get a new Visitor Parking Pass this year, you can request one online from DDOT.

I’ve been hearing from a few residents — particularly those on streets that are not part of the Residential Parking Permit program — that they did not receive their Visitor Parking Pass this year. After contacting DDOT, here is what I learned.

If you did not get your visitor parking pass this year, you can go to DDOT’s online vpp system at:  and alert DDOT that you didn’t receive one.  By using the site, each registration will generate an automated email with confirmation number that residents can use to track the status of the pass until it is delivered.  If you know of a neighbor who needs one and does not have computer access, they can contact the DDOT Call Center at (202) 673-6813 where they will be happy to assist.


Parking Changes in the Works Around Bruce-Monroe @ Park View School

March 25, 2014
Map showing areas that will be impacted by parking changes.

Map showing areas that will be impacted by parking changes.

As a result of a DDOT study conducted at the Bruce-Monroe @ Park View School in response to police concerns with children’s safety, DDOT learned that the existing parking signs around the school do not meet DDOT standards for schools. DDOT plans to change the signage around the school sometime near the end of April or beginning of May so that the parking meets their safety standards.

Currently, the streets around the are unregulated. DC law 18 DCMR § 2406.2 allows DDOT to prohibit parking in front of schools. One purpose of this law is to maintain a fire lane so that fire trucks and other emergency vehicles have safe access when children are in the school building. Another purpose of this law is to provide space for pick-up and drop-off. Unlike schools in more suburban areas, many DC schools do not have sufficient space in their parking lots to accommodate pick-up and drop-off safely. DDOT has proposed to change the parking restrictions on the school side of the street of Warder Street and Otis Place.

After DDOT implements the changes there will be no parking on Warder Street at the school during school days between 7:45 a.m. and 3:15 p.m. The south side of Otis Place adjacent to the school will become 15-minute parking during school days between 7:45-9:00 a.m. and 3:00-6:00 p.m. The inset above shows the areas that will be impacted when these changes go into effect.


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