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New Flexipave Sidewalks Beginning to Be Installed

December 15, 2014

On November 12th, I posted that DDOT’s Urban Forestry Administration was planning to repair sidewalks that have been damaged by street trees at locations citywide with Flexipave. Flexipave is designed to reduce the damage to sidewalks by tree roots, and to provide the additional environmental benefits of allowing rainwater to infiltrate into the tree space.

Over the weekend I saw my first example of Flexipave on the 600 block of Princeton Place. Overall I liked it an am very interested in seeing how it holds up to the elements. Other approaches DDOT has previously used to provide a flexible sidewalk over tree roots have not lived up to their promise.

IMG_7718[1](Flexipave on the 600 block of Princeton Place, NW)

“Glitch” Sends Out Expired Visitor Parking Passes

December 11, 2014

visitor parking passes(Expired DDOT Visitor Parking Pass receive on December 11, 1014)

District residents have begun to receive their new Visitor Parking Passes only to discover, upon inspection, that the pass mailed out is the 2014 pass, already expired. Even the accompanying letter states that the period covered by the pass is from October 1, 2013 to September 30, 2014.

Upon contacting DDOT, it was learned that DDOT is “working with the contractor right now to see where the glitch was, and to correct it as soon as possible.” DDOT currently has no estimate for how long it will be before new passes will be mailed out, or if last year’s passes were mailed to all residents or only a portion of them. DDOT also stated that they “will figure it out and do whatever it takes to fix the situation.”

UPDATE: It appears that residents who registered for a new VPP before the system was set up for 2015 passes received another 2014 pass. Again, according to DDOT: “There were two batches of 2014 passes [though the number is yet unknown] that were recently mailed.  Those individuals / applications will be converted to 2015 passes, and those will be mailed (per the contractor) next week.  If your pass is in this batch, you will receive a 2105 pass.”

Casey Trees Helps Tree Up Park View

December 10, 2014
New Casey  tree at the corner of Warder and Quebec Place.

New Casey tree at the corner of Warder and Quebec Place.

While walking through the northern part of the neighborhood delivering newsletters last weekend, I was extremely happy to see four new trees planted in yards from Casey Trees. I’ve been working hard over the past few years to tree up the neighborhood by making sure that empty tree boxes have new trees. But, the Casey Trees are a real treat as these are planted at the request of homeowners and are not on public land. Seeing four new private trees is big.

I know that not all houses have yards large enough for a tree, but if you happen to have a larger yard and want a tree,  the Casey Trees’ Tree Rebate Program could be an option that would assist paying for and planting the tree (more details here). The new trees are located on the 700 block of Otis Place, the southeast corner of Quebec and Warder, and the southwest corner of Quebec and Park Place (see map below).

Casey Tree map(Map showing where new Casey Trees trees are located)

New Stop Sign in the Works for Warder

December 2, 2014

Stop for pedestrian signs(Intersection of Warder and Princeton. New crosswalk signs were added in May 2011)

Traffic safety at the intersection of Warder and Princeton streets has been a concern for a while. I’ve received many requests over the past few years seeking better traffic calming. In response, DDOT installed new crosswalk signs in May 2011. After the November 5, 2014, accident at the intersection, DDOT agreed to study the safety of the intersection again.

I’ve since learned that DDOT has completed their field review and crash analysis of the intersection, and based on the location of this intersection in relationship to the Recreation Center and the number of accidents, DDOT will be installing new stop signs making it an all-way stop.

DDOT is in the process of submitting the necessary documents required to implement the change at this location, so stay tuned. I’ll provide an update when its available.


Area Sidewalks Damaged by Tree Roots to be Repaired with Flexipave

November 12, 2014

About a week ago, I was notified that the District of Columbia’s Urban Forestry Administration (UFA) will soon begin work to repair sidewalks that have been damaged by street trees at locations citywide. According to their notification, this work will be completed using a new sidewalk material, a flexible porous paving, which is commonly called flexipave. The citywide locations have all been identified by a UFA Urban Forester or Ward Arborist and were selected based on the damage to the sidewalk and the necessity of using alternate materials to preserve street trees.

The UFA further explained that “Flexipave is designed to reduce the damage to sidewalks by tree roots, and to provide the additional environmental benefits of allowing rainwater to infiltrate into the tree space. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional materials for a number of reasons. The material is made from recycled tires and stone aggregate; it is mixed with a urethane adhesive and poured on site to create a paving material that is 100% porous. This permeability allows stormwater to infiltrate into the groundwater, and because the installation is low impact and the material flexible, it is well suited for tree preservation, since it will not break or buckle due to the growth of tree roots beneath it.”

In looking at the map of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1A, I was able to identify 6 locations where this work will be done — 1 on the 600 b/o Princeton Place; 3 on the 700 b/o Lamont Street;  1 on the 1100 b/o Park Road; and 1 on the 1400 b/o Irving Street. The map below shows these locations with the red darts. You can also click on the map to navigate throughout all of Washington to see all the locations where work will occur.

Flexipaver map(Click on map to go to navigable map of flexipaver locations)

Lane Markings Added to New Crosswalk Median at Georgia and Newton

November 11, 2014

I heard from several residents after the new crosswalk median was installed at Georgia Avenue and Newton Street at the end of October. The chief concern was that the median encroached into the southbound traffic lanes causing a lane shift that was difficult to see. I brought this to DDOT’s attention, and while I don’t know if this was already planned or in response to my advocacy, a crew came out on Friday, November 7th, to paint new lane markings alerting drivers to the new traffic pattern. You can see the new markings below.


(Above and below — View of Georgia Avenue toward the south at the intersection of Newton Place, NW)


2014-2015 Leaf Collection Season Underway

November 4, 2014

2014 leaf collection schedule

Residential street sweeping ended for the season on October 31st, and now the Department of Public Works is transitioning into fall leaf collection mode.  The 2014-2015 leaf collection season began on Monday, November 3rd, but don’t panic. As will past years, leaf collection begins in the area west of 16th Street in Ward 1, and there are two opportunities to get the leaves out for collection.

According to DPW, this year, leaf collection runs from November 3, 2014 through January 10, 2015. Residents should note that the same crews that collect leaves also remove snow, so leaf collection may be interrupted for snow removal duties. Leaves will be removed from neighborhood treeboxes at least twice, following the schedule that can be found on the image at the right and at the Find the Leaf Collection Schedule for Your Neighborhood available on the DPW Website. DPW asks residents to place their leaves in the treebox space the Sunday before each collection cycle.

Loose leaves raked into the treeboxes will be composted.  Bagged leaves placed in the treebox space or where trash and recycling are collected will not be composted.

During the last two weeks of leaf collection season (December 28-January 10), DPW will collect holiday trees and other greenery from residents whose trash is collected by DPW.  Trees and greenery should be placed where the resident’s trash is collected. Please remove all ornaments and lights and do not put the tree(s) and greenery in a bag.

The 2014-2015 leaf collection brochure is also available online if you would like to see the collection schedule for the entire city.


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